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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Small brush zize Fude Pen and cartridges arrived!

From left: cartridges for Pocket Brush pen, two cartridges
 for Fude Pen and the new  Fude Pen.
This is already an "old" story.
I was very busy with Xmas affairs in the past weeks and I had no time to publish this article suddenly.

Though, I tell you, now.

I was so much happy for the sample Fude Pen that Pentel sent me, that I decided to immediately order another one with a finer brush nib, needed for details, and some cartridges for the Pocket Brush pen and the Fude Pens.

I placed my order two fridays ago. I also wrote an email to feedback Pentel with my impressions about the Fude Pen, that were very positive, and I published an article Pentel Fude Pen arrived! Yeah!, here on my blog.

The following monday, Pentel wrote me to tanks for my positive feedback and article and that they would send a gift.

The t-shirt! ;-)
Two days later, december 18, I received a packet with a Pentel t-shirt and a little pen. Yeah!
They must read in my mind, if they know I love gadgets! :-D
Maybe they are Jedy knights. ;-)

One more day, december 19, and I received my thiner brush Fude Pen and the cartridges. And I was so much happy that it is not describable. ;-)

Now I am ready to work on a pair of comics with my new Pentel pens. When finished I will send a link to Pentel, since they have been so kind to me. ;-)

Stay tuned.