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Sunday, April 06, 2008

MD5 Fellow

Because of my duties in this period I leaved aside the blog, and I was going to forget to post here about the MD5 Fellow project.

It is a 3D model of a character, created expressly as a test model for MD5 Reader 2 project.

At the current state, this is the first release of MD5 Fellow (v 0.1). The model is provided as *.blend file format (the Blender 3D internal file format) is complete with a skeleton (Armature) that permits to animat it easily enough.

MD5 Fellow does not have any textures or materials yet, but adding them is in our future plans.
About skeleton and weights, it is already usable but it needs some fine tuning.

MD5 Fellow is released under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 license: you can use the model and modify it for any open source project, if you attribute the author (me) and share any modifications under the terms of the same license or a compatible one. For more informations and guidelines about attributing the author try to visit the Creative Commons site.
If you would like to use MD5 Fellow for commercial use, please contact me to find a agreement.

MD5 Fellow is a really important project for me because it is the result of a long research to get the best possible mesh. It still needs to be fine tuned but I think it is a satisfy result. In the past I already started to study the argument (Notes on 3D human modeling), but I abbandoned it for a long period.
MD5 Fellow concludes this research path and is a placeholder of the basis on wich I approach characters modeling.