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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Zyklon Girls recruiting video: early tests

I and the staff of the Muzik! Zyklon have started to work on the new promo video for recruiting the Zyklon Girls (or zZ Girls).

Yesterday night I started producing some quick reference scenes in Blender 2.70 that I will use for animatics to have a first idea of how cut should be and what shots we will need to take. Though I already prepared the scenes for further editing to get the final result: the clock and the door frame are almost final except for textures.

I hope that this approach will help us to work at a faster pace.

I rendered three images of the clock with different settings. The presence of more lights causes a lot of noise. So, the second image was rendered with just one light and it is less noisy but darker. I think that I will try using a single brighter light for the clock scene, to reduce noise, get a brighter image (as if it were influenced by more lights) and get a reasonable render time.