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Friday, October 18, 2013

Playing with grunge effect on Muzik! Zyklon cover for Facebook page

Recently I and a friend of mine, Drakonìa Inchain, founded a Heavy Metal live event that regularly take place in my city, Triest.

My first concern, when we decided to launch the Muzik! Zyklon, was to support the event with a good corporate brand logo and graphics as I was used to do for every project I have collaborated to.

So, I came out with this one.

The base graphics of the Muzik! Zyklon logo.

The idea behind this work was to mimic the original Zyklon B label.

This version was just a black and white wip, a sort of blueprint reference for further work, but we had not much time and we decided to use it for the first edition of the Muzik! Zyklon.

The first edition cover for the Muzik! Zyklon Facebook event.

Yesterday I had to quickly finish the second edition Facebook event cover and I just modified the first edition cover with the images and logos of the bands.
Here is the result.
The second edition cover for the Muzik! Zyklon Facebook event.

Today I decided to go further. My idea was to apply a little bit of grunge effect to the whole cover, using well balanced textures, to reproduce the erosion of old Zyklon B labels found.

I first experimented with the cover for the Muzik! Zyklon page on Facebook and this is the result.

Cover for the Muzik! Zyklon page on Facebook, celebrating the passing of 100 likes.

This cover was to celebrate the passing of 100 likes and I am quite satisfied with it. It is much more interesting and good looking then the first one.

Though I was not totally happy with it yet.

Then I started to experiment with the original one applying some grunge texture with GIMP.

I downloaded two textures from the Web and I modified them using "Desaturate" and "Adjust Color Leves" tools until I reached this results.

Then I placed this two images on two layers on top of the original logo and set their composition modes to "Screen" and adjusted transparency to about 65%.

This is the result.

Experimental cover with grunge effect.