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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ender CG logo

For the site, I will dedicate to Computer Graphics, I created this logo (not finished), using GIMP, some simple effects and a lot of patience.

The idea is to give the impression of an ancient but technologically advanced society.
This is the reason for the logored aspect of the text.

Alchemist Mascotte

The person in this portrait is my girlfriend, Antonietta. When I finished the code development of Alchemist I decided to use her face for the logo.

A friend of mine, living in Japan, has explained me that AME, the shortcut for Alchemist Markup Engine, in Japanese, means rain or candy.
So I asked myself which kind of liquid should fall from the ampoule hold by Antonietta. Drops of rain or candies? Or both?


Cariatide, in Italian, means a kind of decorative statue that seams to support a column. I drew this as a study for a possible layout of my web page.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

You have 5 minutes to do it!

My girlfriend was looking for a character to make the friend of the main character of her comic strip. So she asked me: "Please, help me! Can you draw some sketch of a girl? You are Master in doing 5 minutes sketches!". I answer: "I am not a computer, my inspiration does not begin working when you want! I need more time!"

2-3 minutes later I come out with this sketch.

Christmas Kid

This nice kid, was inspired by some decorations i saw on a wine glass. In that decoration, there was three childrens floating over a Christmas landscape. So this kid is my interpretation of that childrens.

And the kid is strictly related to some draw I made while teaching my girlfriend some drawing techniques. Here is what I drew to show her how to realize some sweet and nice character.

Decorative Element

This is a concept for a decorative element of my future home page.
Probably I will not use it.

The three characters are the more important of the comic novel I am writing in these days. The one on the left is the same character shown in the "Saturday, June 11, 2005 - Character concept" post.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Woman Sketch

Sometimes I draw on the first piece of paper I find. This is the reason for you can see some pen line crossing pencil strokes. ;-)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alchemist first version is over

After some day of full immersion, I have finally completed the core code of Alchemist. I have also finally decided a name for it: Alchemist Markup Engine, AME. And also its code name: Antonietta I.
So AME is now at pre alpha version 0.0.1.

Written in PHP, AME is able to use model files, written in HTML/XHTML, to build complex HTML/XHTML pages in a Lego(TM) like mode. To enable dynamic abilities of AME I have implemented resources plain text files, used as database resources.

In the future i will implement also MySQL support.

I plan to release AME under GPL or BSD like license, hosted on SourceForge pages, as soon as i think I am ready.

For more informations conctact me at comx [at] lycos [dot] it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The beginning of RPG Game Project

I established a forum for the development planning process and discussion of RPG Game Project,at, a J2ME game based on MIDP and Mobile 3D Graphics (JSR-184). Currently, we are three members of the Core Team: me, kawa and Corrado. And we are in earlier preproduction. The default forum language is still Italian, but soon we will change it to English, giving foreign people the possibilty to register, discuss and asking to join the Dev or Art Team. We are looking for some people interested to help us.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Character concept

The character in the image below, is part of a project I have been working during last three years. Because of obvious reasons, I will not reveal who he is and what he does. But sooner or later, maybe, you will know.