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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alchemist first version is over

After some day of full immersion, I have finally completed the core code of Alchemist. I have also finally decided a name for it: Alchemist Markup Engine, AME. And also its code name: Antonietta I.
So AME is now at pre alpha version 0.0.1.

Written in PHP, AME is able to use model files, written in HTML/XHTML, to build complex HTML/XHTML pages in a Lego(TM) like mode. To enable dynamic abilities of AME I have implemented resources plain text files, used as database resources.

In the future i will implement also MySQL support.

I plan to release AME under GPL or BSD like license, hosted on SourceForge pages, as soon as i think I am ready.

For more informations conctact me at comx [at] lycos [dot] it.