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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Pentel Fude Pen arrived! Yeah!

Fude Pen PackagedI am so excited! My new Fude Pen arrived in the morning.
It took one day to arrive by italian Priority Mail (for once, I have nothing to complain about italian mail service).

Pentel sent me the pen as a free sample, after my feedback email about the Pocket Brush pen that I bought two weeks ago. Pocket Brush is a great pen and acts almost like a number 2 Windsor & Newton series 7 brush.

Though, I like fine grained paper and ink with very quick movements and it appears that Pocket Brush releases too few ink on the nib and behaves like a dry brush. That behavior was unexpected and undesirable for me (with an exception when I want special effects).

Fude PenTherefore I wrote a feedback email to Pentel customer support, and they, very kindly, sent me this sample product.

Now, I am patiently going to understand how the product works. Unfortunately the instructions, on the back side of the package, are written in japanese.
At a first sight, I thought that the sample package does not include any refill. Then I browsed the Pentel web site for more informations and I found that the body is the refill actually.

The next step was to figure out how to soak the bristles of the brush with ink. The solution could seem very simple, but it was not for me... with the instructions in japanese. Furthermore, I had not much time to read them more carefully, since I had to go out.

Anyway, the body is squeezable, to push ink in to the brush bristles, and I tried to squeeze it, but it did not work yet.

Uhm! Mumble, mumble!


Oh, great! I googled and I found a forum, where someone explains that the red ring, that separates refill from the nib, has to be removed and then the refill has to be screwed in, till it fits completely inside.

Done! Then I squeezed the refill several times, until the brush was full of ink and, when ready, I tried some strokes on paper. It is good, but I think it needs to be used few times (like the Pocket Brush) before to produce better performances.

Honestly, if I watched more carefully the illustrations on the back ok the package, I could have figured out it by myself. ;-)