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Friday, November 10, 2006


There is a long time that I do not update any drawings.

This one (hope that it is not offensive) was made as a test for a comic book story, where the eroine should look like Avril Lavigne.

I done many tests but I still not sure if it is a good result. Though I do not like Avril.

Friday, November 03, 2006

MD5 Reader 2 CVS

MD5 Reader 2 CVS source code is up. For informations on how to download it go here. If anyone is interested to contribute future development, subscribe to and follow instructions on how to request to be added as developer to an existing project.

MD5 Reader 2 is the continuation of a dead project, originally created by ChaosDeathFish, that makes the 3D engine for Java, jME, able to load MD5 3D animated models.

This loader supports mesh, materials, weighted skeletons and animation. These features was not nativelly supported under jME; at least until one of the latest CVS code implemented a new skeletal system for jME.

Though MD5 Reader 2, can provide a valid alternative to native jME skeletal system or can be used a an intermediate file format converter, that gives to modelers the chance to model, rigging and animate their models, for example, with Blender and export them with der_ton's blender2md5 exporter.