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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"L'audace Bonelli" comic art exhibition, in Trieste

Yesterday afternoon, Morena and I visited "L'audace Bonelli", a comic art exhibition mounted in the "Salone degli incanti", a showroom located in Trieste, our city.
The event, started at December 2 2012, will end March 3 2013.

"L'audace Bonelli" presents a selection of originals illustrated by several different artists that worked, in the past 64 years, for Sergio Bonelli Editore, the biggest italian comics publishing house, and is especially focused on the two more successful characters: Tex Willer and Dylan Dog.

"L'audace Bonelli" is just one of the events presented in Trieste Science Fiction Festival, a convention that takes place in Trieste every year, during winter. Saturday afternoon, for example, I watched "Cockneys VS Zombies", an horror-commedy movie about zombies.

Morena and I were quite surprised to see so many originals. The promotional posters, placed all around the city, are not very clear about the contents of the exhibition. We were worried that it were the usual waste of time (and money) like most of the events that take place in our forgotten city. And, considering the nature of doubts that Monica (another friend of mine) expressed, during our last conversation, it seems that Morena and I were not the only two persons worried.

Despite of our baleful predictions, we had the opportunity to see the artworks of the greatest italian comic artists of every time, like: Aurelio GaleppiniGuido BuzzelliMagnus, Claudio VillaGiancarlo AlessandriniRoberto DisoFranco DevescoviMario AlbertiLuca Enoch, Corrado Mastantuono and many others.

I must say that I confirmed Magnus as the best italian comic artist ever.
Most of the artworks of the other artists look good when printed, at the smaller size used for the Bonelli's issues (about 16 x 21 cm), but loose all their beauty at the original artwork size (about an A3). On the original artworks it is possible to see errors, character proportions mistakes, inking flaws and so on.
Magnus artworks are perfect! No inking errors! No perspective or proportion mistakes! His sketches look like the finals of most of the other artists.

Though, the money spent (6 Euros) are worth it. Seeing the original artworks permitted me to deduce possible tips, tricks and the exact tools used by artists. Most of them use nibs, not only for cross hatching, but also for the thinest strokes (usually to continue a brush stroke). Most of them use brush very little to ink few black areas.

The ticket. ;-)