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Thursday, August 20, 2009

KaleiDraw 3D for iPhone, UI made with Blender

I recently completed the 3D rendered UI of KaleiDraw.

Da Ender's ComX

KaleiDraw is a simple OpenGL ES based kaleidoscope for iPhone, developed by friend and co-worker Giovanni Dal Negro aka GioFX.

All the 3D/2D graphics are my own work. GioFX is the author of the OpenGL ES based code. KaleiDraw, developed for iDiTeam, is based on a native Windows/Mac(Carbon) 3D engine, called Chimera, written by GioFX in C/C++ and ported to iPhone(Cocoa).

GioFX is also author of other entertainement applications, based on his engine Chimera, like Jungle and Sparkles (vendor site iQzero).

If you are usual reader of this blog, you know I am a developer too (se MD5 Reader 2). Recently my collaboration with GioFX leaded to the development of a new engine, partially based on Chimera. The aim of this project is the production of an upcoming 3D breathtaking title for iPhone.
Stay tuned!

OpenGL ES development: GioFX aka Giovanni Dal Negro
Graphics: Ender aka Marco Frisan