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Monday, September 04, 2006

The return of the...

I have been busy for some time the past month. I encountered many problems with computers.
Technology have not been on my side in the last period.

Mother Board and Processor of my girlfriend's computer got burned in the half of agust and we have been waiting for a week for the new components we ordered.
Usally the seller needs no more that 3 days to deliver the components but, in the middle of agust, a week is reasonable ;-) .

In the meanwhile I was installing Slackware Linux in a new computer that I bought to have a more performant desktop. I need to work with graphics and the currently released applications asking more and more "need for speed". Slackware is a really lightweight system, but not KDE or GNOME :-D.
Also the installation of Slackware anyway gave me many problems so I had 2 problems for 10-15 days: a burned computer and one working but without any system :-D .

Anyway somehow things have gone well at the end.

Currently my drawing effort is really poor. I am really immersed in some coding work.

I fixed some applications from different projects.
First of all I fixed the World Forge exporter to work with Blender 2.42 and fliping correctly coordinate system to match Soya 3D and jME orientation matrix. Currently the latest news of this attempt are here.
Secondly I fixed the ChaosDeathFish's MD5Reader for jME to work with the latest jME CVS. MD5Reader is an importer to load MD5 3D models format (DOOM 3 and Quake 4) into jME. This effort have been possible thanks to the help of mcbeth, who fixed the model boundings update and send to me the lates MD5Reader sources, currently not any more available online. Of course a great help to make this fix possible have been suggestions from the author.

Currently I am in trouble with many aspects of Linux, so I have been not able to release this fixes yet. But I hope to resolve them in few days and putting up a page somewere with these usefull (I hope) pieces of code.